Petsmart Visit


and be part of the


Adoption Promotion
PetSmart in Schaumburg

NISA is in need of many more bubbly volunteers who "love" to promote adoption in order to cover additional locations. We'll even keep you close to home or at your favorite Petco or PetSmart store, if you like. Dates and hours are very flexible!  Give us a call at 847-392-5000 - to find out more details. We don't twist arms or badger anyone about volunteering; NISA volunteers love their work!


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It's not often that you'll run across a near 6 ft. Samoyed but at the Schaumburg PetSmart anything is possible! NISA's mascot cruises around the parking lot to lure in the curious.

Meanwhile, volunteers Annette and Craig Smith, Alan Zielinski, Joyce Gussy, Bob Lazarri, Donna Sharik and Bob Gilles set up inside to talk "Samoyed" with shoppers to raise awareness of NISA rescue needs. With the assistance of several smilin' Samoyeds eager to accept belly rubs, who could resist?

Volunteers hand out brushes to the kids so the parents can shop in peace and donations roll in. Plus, the Fur-Kidz go home well brushed and feelin' mighty gorgeous!