1. You must be 21 years of age or older to qualify for a rescued Samoyed.  If you still live at home with your parents,  they must also sign the adoption agreement.
  2. Fenced yard preferred.
  3.  If you rent an apartment or house, it must state in your lease that dogs of this size, are allowed.
  4. Condominium and home owners governed by an association must provide proof that dogs are permitted.
  5. You are requested to complete a Dog Obedience training course with the adopted Samoyed
  6. You are required to consent to a home inspection prior to an adoption and to follow-up evaluation.
  7. All applications submitted are subject to approval.
  8. If  for any reason the adoption is not successful of circumstances change which prohibit keeping the Samoyed,  N.I.S.A. is to  be notified immediately.
  9. Transfer of ownership for any reason is in violation of the adoption contract.

Northern Illinois Samoyed Adoption reserves the right to deny adoption.



  1. A complete copy of medical history/records is required.   A $100. donation is requested to cover the relocation expenses. ie. veterinary exam, vaccinations, grooming, and boarding. 
  2. A one time donation of $25.00 is requested for an adoption listing to assist private individuals wishing to place their Samoyed. All dogs must be current on vaccinations, HW preventative and spayed or neutered to qualify. 



Includes current vaccinations, spays or neuters, Micro-chip, fecal exams and grooming expenses. 


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