Sammie Savior Program

Established by Jill Angelo

Do you love & adore Sammies but cannot have a pet because of housing restrictions?

Do you love & adore Sammies but suffer from allergies that prohibit pet ownership?

Do you love & adore Sammies but find physical ownership too demanding because of long work hours?

The joy and pleasures a pet can offer are endless but many Sammie lovers simply are not able to adopt or even foster. NISA would like to share these joys & pleasures with you.!!

As a Sammie Savior, you can pick anyone of the many Sammies in the NISA system to be “your Sammie” for as little as $20 each month! Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly pledges and share the joys and pleasures of Sammie ownership without ever leaving your office or easy chair.

You will receive an “I’ve arrived” packet which contains an incoming picture, an after bath picture and a complete history of why or how this Sammie came to NISA. Monthly up-dates will keep you informed of his/her likes or dislikes, whether he/she knows any tricks and their favorite toys.

And most importantly, when “your Sammie” finds his/her new Forever home you will receive an announcement detailing some information about his/her new family!

Imagine the wonderful feeling of being a part of the healing process of a Sammie that had been treated unkindly. Walk each step with a Sammie recovering from heartworm. Watch the miracles unfold as “your Sammie” learns to love again.

By sharing your love with a Sammie as a Sammie Savior, YOU will make a difference in their lives forever!

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